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class Athena::Validator::Constraints::NotBlank
inherits Athena::Validator::Constraint #

Validates that a value is not blank; meaning not equal to a blank string, an empty Iterable, false, or optionally nil.


Optional Arguments#


Type: Bool Default: false

If set to true, nil values are considered valid and will not trigger a violation.


Type: String Default: This value should not be blank.

The message that will be shown if the value is blank.


The following placeholders can be used in this message:

  • {{ value }} - The current (invalid) value.

Type: Array(String) | String | Nil Default: nil

The validation groups this constraint belongs to. AVD::Constraint::DEFAULT_GROUP is assumed if nil.


Type: Hash(String, String)? Default: nil

Any arbitrary domain-specific data that should be stored with this constraint. The payload is not used by Athena::Validator, but its processing is completely up to you.


IS_BLANK_ERROR = "0d0c3254-3642-4cb0-9882-46ee5918e6e3" #

Class methods#

.new(allow_nil : Bool = false, message : String = "This value should not be blank.", groups : Array(String) | String | Nil = nil, payload : Hash(String, String)? = nil) #

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#allow_nil? : Bool #

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#validated_by : AVD::ConstraintValidator.class #

Returns the AVD::ConstraintValidator.class that should handle validating self.

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