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abstract struct Athena::Framework::Params::ScalarParam
inherits Athena::Framework::Params::Param #

Extension of ATH::Params::Param that allows for more granular validation of scalar parameters.

Direct known subclasses

Athena::Framework::Params::QueryParam(T) Athena::Framework::Params::RequestParam(T)


.new(name : String, has_default : Bool = false, incompatibles : Array(String) | Nil = nil, requirements : AVD::Constraint | Array(AVD::Constraint) | Regex | Nil = nil, map : Bool = false, strict : Bool = true, nilable : Bool = false, key : String | Nil = nil, description : String | Nil = nil)#

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#constraints : Array(AVD::Constraint)#


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#map? : Bool#

Denotes whether the #requirements should be applied to the whole value, or to each item a part of the value.

See the "Map" section of ATHA::QueryParam.

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#requirements : AVD::Constraint | Array(AVD::Constraint) | Regex | Nil#

Returns the requirements that the value is required to pass in order to be considered valid.

See the "Requirements" section of ATHA::QueryParam.

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