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class Athena::Framework::RedirectResponse
inherits Athena::Framework::Response #

Represents an HTTP response that does a redirect.

Can be used as an easier way to handle redirects as well as providing type safety that a route should redirect.

require "athena"

class RedirectController < ATH::Controller
  @[ARTA::Get(path: "/go_to_crystal")]
  def redirect_to_crystal : ATH::RedirectResponse ""

# GET /go_to_crystal # => (redirected to


.new(url : String | Path | URI, status : HTTP::Status | Int32 = HTTP::Status::FOUND, headers : HTTP::Headers | ATH::Response::Headers =

Creates a response that should redirect to the provided url with the provided status, defaults to 302.

An ArgumentError is raised if url is blank, or if status is not a valid redirection status code.

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#url : String#

The url that the request will be redirected to.

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