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annotation Athena::Framework::Annotations::View #

Configures how the ATH::View::ViewHandlerInterface should render the related controller action.


  • status : HTTP::Status - The HTTP::Status the endpoint should return. Defaults to HTTP::Status::OK (200).
  • serialization_groups : Array(String)? - The serialization groups to use for this route as part of ASR::ExclusionStrategies::Groups.
  • validation_groups : Array(String)? - Groups that should be used to validate any objects related to this route; see AVD::Constraint@validation-groups.
  • emit_nil : Bool - If nil values should be serialized. Defaults to false.


@[ARTA::Post(path: "/publish/{id}")]
@[ATHA::View(status: :accepted, serialization_groups: ["default", "detailed"])]
def publish(id : Int32) : Article
  article = Article.find id
  article.published = true