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class Athena::Framework::View::ViewHandler
inherits Reference #

Default implementation of ATH::View::ConfigurableViewHandlerInterface.

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.new(url_generator : ART::Generator::Interface, serializer : ASR::SerializerInterface, request_store : ATH::RequestStore, format_handlers : Array(Athena::Framework::View::FormatHandlerInterface), failed_validation_status : HTTP::Status = HTTP::Status::UNPROCESSABLE_ENTITY, empty_content_status : HTTP::Status = HTTP::Status::NO_CONTENT, emit_nil : Bool = false)#

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#create_redirect_response(view : ATH::ViewBase, location : String, format : String) : ATH::Response#

Creates an ATH::Response based on the provided view that'll redirect to the provided location.

location may either be a URL or the name of a route.

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#create_response(view : ATH::ViewBase, request : ATH::Request, format : String) : ATH::Response#

Creates an ATH::Response based on the provided view and request.

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#emit_nil=(emit_nil : Bool) : Nil#

Determines if properties with nil values should be emitted.

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#handle(view : ATH::ViewBase, request : ATH::Request | Nil = nil) : ATH::Response#

Handles the conversion of the provided view into an ATH::Response.

If no request is provided, it is fetched from ATH::RequestStore.

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#register_handler(format : String, handler : ATH::View::ViewHandlerInterface::HandlerType) : Nil#

Registers the provided handler to handle the provided format.

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#serialization_groups=(groups : Enumerable(String)) : Nil#

Sets the groups that should be used as part of ASR::ExclusionStrategies::Groups.

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#serialization_version=(version : String) : Nil#


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#serialization_version=(version : SemanticVersion) : Nil#

Sets the version that should be used as part of ASR::ExclusionStrategies::Version.

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#supports?(format : String) : Bool#

Determines if self can handle the provided format.

First checks if a custom format handler supports the provided format, otherwise falls back on the ASR::SerializerInterface.

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