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module Athena::Framework::Params::ParamInterface #

Represents a request parameter; e.x. query param, form data, a file, etc.

See ATHA::QueryParam and ATHA::RequestParam.

Direct including types

Athena::Framework::Params::QueryParam(T) Athena::Framework::Params::RequestParam(T)


abstract #constraints : Array(AVD::Constraint)#

Returns the AVD::Constraints that should be used to validate the parameter's value.

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abstract #default#

Returns the value that should be used if #strict? is false and the parameter was not provided, defaulting to nil.

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abstract #description : String | ::Nil#

Returns a human readable summary of what the parameter is used for. In the future this may be used to supplement auto generated endpoint documentation.

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abstract #extract_value(request : ATH::Request, default : _ = nil)#

Returns the self's value from the provided request, or default if it was not present.

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abstract #incompatibles : Array(String) | ::Nil#

Returns the parameters that may not be present at the same time as self. See the "Incompatibilities" section of ATHA::QueryParam.

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abstract #name : String#

Returns the name of the parameter, maps to the controller action parameter name.

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abstract #strict? : Bool#

Denotes whether self should be processed strictly. See the "Strict" section of ATHA::QueryParam.

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