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class Athena::Console::Helper::Table::Cell
inherits Reference #

Represents a cell that can span more than one column/row and/or have a unique style. The cell may also have a value, which represents the value to display in the cell.

For example:

          align: :center,
          foreground: "red",
          background: "green"

See the table docs and ACON::Helper::Table::CellStyle for more information.

Direct known subclasses



.new(value : _ = "", rowspan : Int32 = 1, colspan : Int32 = 1, style : Table::CellStyle | Nil = nil)#

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#colspan : Int32#

Returns how many columns this cell should span.

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#rowspan : Int32#

Returns how many rows this cell should span.

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#style : Table::CellStyle | ::Nil#

Returns the style representing how this cell should be styled.

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#to_s(io : IO) : Nil#

Appends a short String representation of this object which includes its class name and its object address.

class Person
  def initialize(@name : String, @age : Int32)
end"John", 32).to_s # => #<Person:0x10a199f20>
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