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annotation Athena::Console::Annotations::AsCommand #

Annotation containing metadata related to an ACON::Command. This is the preferred way of configuring a command.

@[ACONA::AsCommand("add", description: "Sums two numbers, optionally making making the sum negative")]
class AddCommand < ACON::Command
  # ...


Various fields can be used within this annotation to control various aspects of the command. All fields are optional unless otherwise noted.


Type: String - required

The name of the command. May be provided as either an explicit named argument, or the first positional argument. See ACON::Command#name.


Type: String

A short sentence describing the function of the command. See ACON::Command#description.


Type: Bool

If this command should be hidden from the command list. See ACON::Command#hidden?.


Type: Enumerable(String)

Alternate names this command may be invoked by. See ACON::Command#aliases.