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module Athena::Console #

Athena's Console component, ACON for short, allows for the creation of command-line based ACON::Commands. These commands could be used for any reoccurring task such as cron jobs, imports, etc. All commands belong to an ACON::Application, that can be extended to better fit a specific project's needs.

Athena::Console also provides various utility/helper features, including:

The console component best works in conjunction with a dedicated Crystal file that'll be used as the entry point. Ideally this file is compiled into a dedicated binary for use in production, but is invoked directly while developing. Otherwise, any changes made to the files it requires would not be represented. The most basic example would be:

#!/usr/bin/env crystal

# Require the component and anything extra needed based on your business logic.
require "athena-console"

# Create an ACON::Application, passing it the name of your CLI.
# Optionally accepts a second argument representing the version of the CLI.
application = "My CLI"

# Add any commands defined externally,
# or configure/customize the application as needed.

# Run the application.
# By default this uses STDIN and STDOUT for its input and output.

The shebang allows executing the file as a command without needing the crystal prefix. For example ./console list would list all commands.

External commands can be registered via ACON::Application#add:


The ACON::Application#register method may also be used to define simpler/generic commands:

application.register "foo" do |input, output|
  # Do stuff here.

  # Denote that this command has finished successfully.

Getting Started#

If using this component outside of the Athena Framework, you will first need to add it as a dependency:

    github: athena-framework/console
    version: ~> 0.3.0

Then run shards install.

From here you can then setup your entry point file talked about earlier, being sure to require the component via require "athena-console". Finally, create/require your ACON::Commands, and customize the ACON::Application as needed.


If using this component with the Athena::DependencyInjection component, ACON::Command that have the ADI::Register annotation will automatically be registered as commands when using the ADI::Console::Application type.


VERSION = "0.3.2"#