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module Athena::Spec #

A set of common Spec compliant testing utilities/types.

Getting Started#

If using this component within the Athena Framework, it is already installed and required for you. Checkout the manual for some additional information on how to use it within the framework.

If using it outside of the framework, you will first need to add it as a dependency:

    github: athena-framework/spec
    version: ~> 0.3.0

Then run shards install, being sure to require it via require "athena-spec" within your spec/ file.

From here you can create some ASPEC::TestCases, or make use of the provided ASPEC::Methods.


VERSION = "0.3.0"#

Class methods#

.run_all : Nil#

Runs all ASPEC::TestCases.

Is equivalent to manually calling .run on each test case.

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