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module Athena::Spec #

A set of common Spec compliant testing utilities/types.

Getting Started#

Unlike the other components, this one requires being manually installed, even if it is being used within the framework. This is due to there not being a way for a library to define development dependencies for the project that it is a dependency of.

First add the component as a development dependency:

    github: athena-framework/spec
    version: ~> 0.3.0

Then run shards install, being sure to require it via require "athena-spec" within your spec/ file. From here you can create some ASPEC::TestCases, or make use of the provided ASPEC::Methods.

If using the component with the framework, also checkout the manual for some additional information on how it is integrated.


VERSION = "0.3.6"#

Class methods#

.run_all : Nil#

Runs all ASPEC::TestCases.

Is equivalent to manually calling .run on each test case.

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