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The Athena::Clock component allows decoupling an application from the system clock. This allows for more easily testing time sensitive code.

The component provides a ACLK::Interface with the following implementations for different use cases:

  • ACLK::Native - Provides access to the system clock for most usages
  • ACLK::Monotonic - Provides access to a high resolution, monotonic clock for when needing to measure time precisely
  • ACLK::Spec::MockClock - Provides the ability to freeze and change the current time for use in tests


First, install the component by adding the following to your shard.yml, then running shards install:

    github: athena-framework/clock
    version: ~> 0.1.0


The core Athena::Clock type can be used to return the current time via a global clock.

# By default, `Athena::Clock` uses the native clock implementation,
# but it can be changed to any other implementation
Athena::Clock.clock =

# Then, obtain a clock instance
clock = ACLK.clock

# Optionally, with in a specific location
berlin_clock = clock.in_location Time::Location.load "Europe/Berlin"

# From here, get the current time as a `Time` instance
now = # : ::Time

# and sleep for any period of time
clock.sleep 2