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The Validator component adds a robust/flexible validation framework. This component is also mostly optional, but is leveraged for the super useful ATHR::RequestBody resolver type to ensure only valid data make it into the system. This component can also be used to define validation requirements for ATH::Params::ParamInterfaces.

Custom Constraints#

In addition to the general information for defining Custom Constraints, the validator component defines a specific type for defining service based constraint validators: AVD::ServiceConstraintValidator. This type should be inherited from instead of AVD::ConstraintValidator IF the validator for your custom constraint needs to be a service, E.x.

class Athena::Validator::Constraints::CustomConstraint < AVD::Constraint
  # ...

  struct Validator < AVD::ServiceConstraintValidator
    def initialize(...); end

    # :inherit:
    def validate(value : _, constraint : AVD::Constraints::CustomConstraint) : Nil
      # ...

See the API Docs documentation for more detailed information, or this forum post for a quick overview.