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The Athena::Routing component is used to determine which ATH::Action should be handled via the incoming ART::Request. It provides a robust, performant router without the limitations of other Crystal routers, such as allowing multiple routes with the same path, using parameter validation and/or sub-domain routing to determine which one should be used. See ART::Route for more general information on the available features.

Athena::Framework makes use of the routing component's annotations to configure its routes. All of the fields listed on ARTA::Route are supported and are applied to the underlying ART::Route. Some of them could be further integrated into the framework.

URL Generation#

The documentation mentioned in the getting started documentation is specific to usages within the context of a request. In this case, the scheme and hostname of a ART::Generator::ReferenceType::ABSOLUTE_URL defaults to http and localhost respectively, if they could not be extracted from the request. However, in cases where there is no request to use, such as within an ACON::Command, http://localhost/ would always be the scheme and hostname of the generated URL. ATH::Parameters.configure can be used to customize this, as well as define a global path prefix when generating the URLs.