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abstract struct Athena::Routing::ParamConverterInterface::ConfigurationInterface
inherits Struct #

Allows defining extra configuration data that can be supplied within the ARTA::ParamConverter annotation. By default this type includes the name of the argument that should be converted and the the ART::ParamConverterInterface that should be used for the conversion.

See the "Additional Configuration" example of ParamConverterInterface for more information.

Direct known subclasses

Athena::Routing::ParamConverterInterface::Configuration Athena::Routing::TimeConverter::Configuration

Class methods#

.new(name : String, converter : ART::ParamConverterInterface.class) #

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#converter : ART::ParamConverterInterface.class #

The converter class that should be used to convert the argument.

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#name : String #

The name of the argument the converter should be applied to.

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