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module Athena::EventDispatcher::EventListenerInterface #

Interface for event listeners.

Listeners are defined by including this module.

An event can be listened for by defining #call(event : AED::Event, dispatcher : AED::EventDispatcherInterface) : Nil. The first argument should be typed to the specific AED::Event instance that the method should listen on. Multiple methods can be defined to handle multiple events within the same listener.

Implementors must also define self.subscribed_events : AED::SubscribedEvents that represents the events that self's methods are listening on. The value of the hash is the priority of the listener. The higher the value the sooner that listener method gets executed.

Implementors can also define initializers if external dependencies are required for handling the event. However, AED::EventDispatcher#new(listeners : Array(EventListenerInterface)) must be used to register self, either with DI, or provided manually.

struct TestListener
  include AED::EventListenerInterface

  def self.subscribed_events : AED::SubscribedEvents
      HttpRequestEvent => 0,
      ExceptionEvent   => 4,

  def call(event : HttpRequestEvent, dispatcher : AED::EventDispatcherInterface) : Nil
    # Do something with the `HttpRequestEvent` and/or dispatcher

  def call(event : ExceptionEvent, dispatcher : AED::EventDispatcherInterface) : Nil
    # Do something with the `ExceptionEvent` and/or dispatcher

Direct including types

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Class methods#

.subscribed_events : AED::SubscribedEvents #

Returns the AED::Events that self is listening on, along with the listener priority of each event.

Implementors should overide this with the events it should listen on.

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#call(event : AED::Event, dispatcher : AED::EventDispatcherInterface) : Nil #

Example method for listening on a specific event. Implementors can define multiple of these, assuming each one listens on a different AED::Event type.

Internally this method is used to make the compiler happy, in practice it should never get called.

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