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annotation Athena::Config::Annotations::Resolvable

Can be applied to a type included within ACF::Base to allow it to be resolvable via an ACF::ConfigurationResolverInterface. The annotation should be provided a "path", either as the first positional argument, or via the path field, to the object from the ACF::Base instance.

@[ACFA::Resolvable(path: "some_config.nested_config")]
struct OtherConfig
  getter other_config_option : String = "OTHER_OPTION"

struct SomeConfig
  getter some_config_option : String = "OPTION"
  getter nested_config : OtherConfig =

# Reopen ACF::Base to add our custom configuration type.
class Athena::Config::Base
  getter some_config : SomeConfig =
end   # => OPTION # => OTHER_OPTION